Ontario Place

I support keeping Ontario Place as accessible and open as possible, but only insofar as it is pragmatic to do so. I do not believe in opposing or suing the province at significant expense to taxpayers when there is no chance of winning. More precisely, I believe in working with stakeholders to reach a consensus that better reflects the needs and wants of my constituents, who are not enthusiastic about the existing plans (archinect, cbc).

Écorécréo, one of the companies slated to build their vision, is no longer involved.

I do not support building the "Therme" at Ontario Place, as detailed in these previous tweets:

  • 08.02: Important Q from @JohnLorinc: why the @ThermeGroup spa, an #indoorexperience, at #Toronto #OntarioPlace when it could very well be in any #ParkingLot? In #Bucharest it's in the 'burbs https://tripadvisor.ca

  • 08.09: I never hid my love for #Ward10 #SpaFy and #Toronto #Waterfront https://andrei.zodian.net… + I think the @ThermeGroup #spa doesn't belong @OntarioPlace, there is very little #TOpoli can do. A better #strategy is to convince the rest of #Ontario that that's where it should go #onpoli

Consistent with my position, I have met with a number of suburban Ontario politicians at an event in Markham and most expressed interest to have that development in their communities.

Geolagon Quebec

A Therme-similar Quebec project is to be built in a small town, though that project might have its own issues and delays.

It makes more sense to have such a project in a small town or suburban setting, where it can become an attraction, adding touristic value, rather than in Canada's biggest city, where it takes away precious green public space.